Eco-friendly textile printing

Eco-friendly textile printing

At PAS, we think that textile printing today can be compatible with respect for the environment. We call that “Think Before We Ink”. It’s been engraved in our corporate policy since we founded our company 25 years ago.

From eco-friendly processes to waste reduction

It’s not only in the ink we use, but in every step of our production process as well. It involves applying eco-friendly processes, avoiding unnecessary waste and pollution, as well as using phthalate-free plastisol. We also use degradable emulsions, water-based inks and eco-friendly cleaning products.


At PAS Print, we have an open and transparent approach when it comes to sustainability. We always strive for environmental awareness at all levels and in each step we make in our quest for innovative products and processes.

Beautiful design on high-quality products with a clean planet in mind. That’s our objective.

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