The way we work

At PAS Print, we work according to the highest quality and production standards. Today, thanks to our years of experience, we are a renowned textile printing company.


That means producing very high quality products, having a flexible approach, sticking to market prices as well as developing a capacity of 15,000 items per day. This is what makes PAS Print a very valued player on the market.

This is how we can guarantee that the finished product you’ll receive will match the sample that you approved. With our experienced and highly creative graphic department, we will assist you from the initial idea to the complete development of the concept approved by you.

100% Belgian

We guarantee top quality at each step of the production process. Actually, it’s the quality and visibility of your brand that’s at stake here. PAS Print is a 100% Belgian company; this means that the entire production process takes place in-house and that you can keep track of your order every step of the way.

Moreover, we work according to the most recent environmental standards, both for the use of fabrics and inks, as well as for processing waste in the context of our production process.

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Pasprint printed in Belgium

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