Transfer printing

Digitale Transfer

Would you like to print full-colour images or entire photos in limited editions? Then digital transfer the ideal solution.

The image is printed by a digital printer on very thin paper, after which it is applied on your T-shirt, shirt or other textiles using a heat press. • If you send us a blemished or pixelated photo, then it will be printed as such on textile. That’s why you should use the highest possible resolution for your image. You should please keep this element in mind.

Screen printing transfer

Do you regularly have tricky-to-print items and do you need multi-coloured print in small quantities? Then opt for screen printing transfer.

The imprint will be printed via screen printing in mirror image on a polyester layer, after which the transfer is applied on textile with a heat press. This method makes it possible to print on double-padded clothes, on clothing seams, and on difficult-to-reach spots.

Flex Transfer

Do you need textile with prints up to two colours and in small quantities? Then we recommend vinyl print. Many different types of vinyl can be used for a unique result: from matte to striking neon or glitter. 

Here the print is cut from vinyl and there is a choice between:

  • flex (smooth and thin)
  • flock (velvety)

Flex is a high-quality and durable printing technique, particularly suitable for sportswear en workwear.

What you take into consideration when supplying the material?

  • Supply a vector file in separate layers at actual size.
  • Minimum resolution of 300 ppi. This is the resolution unit of our equipment, expressed in pixels per inch. The higher the number the better the quality we can deliver
  • The best way to supply the files is to send a WeTransfer link containing your design or a download link from your website. This reduces the error margin. Another possibility is to send your file as attachment to your e-mail.

Contact us for more information.


  • For each image, there is a one-time setup cost.
  • The image size and the number of items determine the price.
  • The price for printing does not decrease as quantities increase, as it does for screen transfer.

Ask for a detailed offer!


Before expressing your wishes, and before we make a custom quote, it’s important to know what positions are possible on garments.

  1. For instance, on the front and back of a T-shirt we can only print on a surface of 33 x 43cm.
  2. It is possible to print to the edge of the seams, on buttons or too close to the neckline, but the seams remain visible.

Below you can see in detail for what positions and sizes we can guarantee quality printing.

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.

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