Extremely high quality textile printing. Consistent perfect results with fast delivery times. We’re at your service for personalised textile printing, both screen printing and transfer printing. Read more


Always chic and exclusive. You choose quality, elegance and durability. Compose your design and with our experience, we will provide the best quality solution on the market for your embroidery project. Read more


Design studio

Grafische studio - Pasprint

All you have is an idea of what you want? No problem, at PAS Print we have an experienced design studio to help you choose and find the best solution for you. Read more


Pre-press - Pasprint

For PAS, every step of the manufacturing process is equally important. From start to delivery, we handle each request with the greatest care. Each time, we translate your specific request into the best possible results. With our personal approach and experience, we’ll help make your wishes a reality.

Inside neck private labeling

Inside neck private labeling - Pasprint

Our services literally go down to the smallest detail of your garment. With inside neck private labelling, we print a top-quality logo inside your T-shirts. This reinforces brand awareness and gives your brand clothing that extra touch. That’s part of PAS’s philosophy. Read more



Relabeling - Pasprint

You obviously want your own logo and company name on the neck label of your T-shirts. At PAS of course, we’ve thought of that, with a full-fledged sewing department that adds the neck labels you’ve provided to your order for a professional finish. We take care of your strong brand, from the inside out.

Folding, bagging, tagging

Folding, bagging, tagging - Pasprint

Our in-house poly bagging service ensures that each garment delivered is neatly folded in transparent packaging and possibly with a size sticker. That will save you some precious time.

Hang tags

Hang tags - Pasprint

We add the hang tags you provide to your garments. This provides that little extra something that gives a professional, top-of-the-line look. Website information, sponsor info, information about an event. Custom hang tags tell your story!


Contract printing

Contract printing - Pasprint

You supply your own clothing and you’re looking for a reliable partner for printing or embroidery? Look no further. Contact us for more information.

Custom made

Custom made apparel design - Pasprint

A T-shirt collection, custom-made jackets, or why not a full clothing line? PAS Print has many years of experience to provide your textile-producing company or organisation with its own textile, with a recognizable, professional touch. Read more.

Delivery & transport

Levering & transport - Pasprint

On request, PAS Print can take care of your order delivery, but you can also come and pick up your merchandise. For sample deliveries, we’ll gladly discuss a special offer together with you.


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